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 I've never had a cleaning service before. How does it work?

 Just call our office and we will create a profile by asking you simple questions such as;

 What type of service you are looking for, which rooms need cleaning, etc.

 We will then book an appointment to do a walk-through and set up a date and time of your choosing.

 We do not give prices over the phone, but may give you a rough estimate depending on what needs cleaning.

 We will provide the cleaning supplies and equipment, unless your preference is to supply a few of your own.

 We encourage you to tidy up a bit (toys off the floor, etc) so cleaners can dedicate their time to cleaning,             rather than straightening. If beds are to be changed, please place fresh linens on or nearby the bed. 

 How much will cleaning cost?
The cost of our service varies depending on size, condition of home, pet hair, 
which rooms, or areas, actually have to be cleaned and the frequency of the cleanings. 
 We do not charge by the hour. We find that unfair, as some customers 
may wish to chat with the workers, 

 also, our efficient workers may clean quickly or slowly on some days, though still giving quality work.

 After researching this, the most practical and fair way is to charge what needs to be cleaned

 and then averaging out to how long it usually takes to clean those particular areas.

 Cleaning companies charge various prices, but on average,

 many cleaning companies charge anywhere from;

 $60-$125 for 1x week and/or every other week cleaning, and

 $95-$150 for 1x month cleaning. 

 DEEP CLEANING prices can range from $100-$300

 (Depending on frequency and what needs to be cleaned).

 MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT prices usually range from 
 (Depending on what needs to be cleaned)


​ Other companies make up their own 'discount coupons' for their initial cleanings, 

 but then require you to sign a long-term contract in order to use the 'discounts'.

 TimeSavers offers customers many discounts without lowering the quality of our work.

 There is usually a small extra charge with first-time house cleanings.
 (First time cleaning charges usually do not apply to office cleanings).

*Here at TimeSavers Cleaning Service,
we understand that some consumers may be
struggling with the economy.
We are a fair and true company, so in those few instances, 

we may be willing to negotiate pricing and terms.

 How do I pay for the cleaning?
 Cash, check or money orders are suitable for payment and to be paid on the same day of service.
 If you are not home at the time of cleaning, payments can be left on your kitchen counter.
 If payment is NOT provided, we will not be able to clean your home or office.
 For all contractual customers, a $25 late fee will be added to your next invoice if payment is late. 
 Contracted accounts are billed in advance and to be paid by the 1st day of the following month.

 GOOGLE WALLET, CASH APP & PAYPAL are also available.
​ Inquire with us if that would be an option you'd like to use.

 Should I tip the house cleaners?
 Tipping is neither required nor expected. If you do choose to leave one, 
​ please make it clear that it is such and leave it in an envelope labeled 'Tip'.

 How long has TimeSavers Cleaning Service been in business?

 We have been cleaning homes and offices since 1985.

 We originally started cleaning in New York then moved to Georgia in 2007 

 and soon established TimeSavers Cleaning Service as an Atlanta based office today.

 Do you clean in my area?

 Yes, if you are located within the

 Perimeter of Atlanta and

 it's surrounding counties. 

 (Please refer to this map

 that we have provided

 to locate your area).

 Some exceptions will apply.

​ If you live further, a small charge 

 may be estimated into the price.

 Do I have to sign a contract? 

 Signing a cleaning contract is not required, but as a contracted customer, 

 you will receive better-saving discounts and will usually have a lower cleaning rate.

 Can I just have a 'One-time' cleaning?
 Yes, of course. Just contact us toll-free 1-800-507-0409 and we will make the arrangements.

 I just need my kitchen or bathroom cleaned. Is that possible?

 Anything is possible. Just call us and we will gladly schedule that as needed.

 Do I need to be at home for the cleaning?

 No, as long as we have access into your home. It is up to you if you'd like to be there or not. 
 It's no problem cleaning while anyone is at home, however, in order to make the best use of time spent 
 cleaning and to avoid interruptions,
​we kindly ask that the family (children and pets) are not in those
​ areas  being cleaned.

 How can you access my home for cleaning?

 There are a few ways that we can access your home.
 1) You can be home the day of the cleaning to meet the cleaners.

 2) You can leave a key in hidden accessible spot at your residence.
 If you have an alarm system at your home or office, it would be preferred
 that your alarm is left off on the day of the cleaning and the cleaners will lock up prior to leaving.

​ If you are uneasy about leaving the alarm off, you may simply provide us with the code.

 3) You can leave a key with us, which we keep in a key safe.

 The most efficient and problem-free way is for a key to be left with the cleaning company. 
 Using this method, you will not have to wait around for cleaners to arrive.

 Can I leave my home when the cleaners are working?

 Of course. If you do not come back when the cleaners are finished,

 they will simply lock up behind themselves when they leave.

 Do I need to have any supplies or equipment?

 For business offices and residential homes, we bring supplies and equipment necessary to clean properly.

 Some customers may prefer to have their own supplies or paper towels used for cleaning.

 For commercial accounts, we bring cleaning chemicals & the equipment necessary.  
Other supplies, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, garbage bags etc. must be provided by the client.

 Do I need to actually do anything before the cleaners arrive?
 We understand that not all homes are perfect, but we prefer that you don't have any clothing, toys,

 or any other items on the floors that do not need to be there so cleaners can do there job more efficiently. 

​ What if I have indoor pets?

 We are very pet-friendly and understand that pets are more than just animals, they are family. 

 Just like children, we only ask that you see they do not interfere with the cleaning. 


 What if I need something special cleaned?

 We will customize your cleanings to meet your individual needs.

 Just call before your next scheduled cleaning and we will discuss your cleaning requirements.


 What if I have to skip or reschedule my cleaning?

 Just notify us by phone at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.

 What if my scheduled cleaning day falls on a holiday?

 If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday, you will be contacted ahead of time to reschedule your cleaning.

 What if I'm not satisfied with the cleaning?

 Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us and cleanliness is what we strive for.
​ If you are not completely satisfied with a certain area of your home,

 please call us within 24 hours after the cleaning has been completed

 and we will gladly re-clean the area in question at no cost to you.

 What if something becomes damaged while you are cleaning my home?

 We will treat your home with considerable care to ensure accidents do not occur.
 In the unlikely event that something may become damaged or broken during the cleaning,
 we will make every effort to repair the item, or replace it if it cannot be repaired.
 Insurance claims will be filed if ever needed.

​ Will I have the same cleaners?

 At TimeSavers Cleaning Service, we take pride in the good relationships we share with our customers.

 Yes, you will usually have the same cleaners as they are familiar with your requirements and your home.

 If we ever have to substitute a cleaner, we will provide full explanation to accompany your cleaning needs.

​ What time will you arrive to clean?

 Residential cleaning times are usually between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm., Monday - Friday,

 but there may be some occasions where we clean on Saturdays to accommodate customer's schedules. 

 Office cleanings are done after business hours in the evenings, very early in the mornings, or on weekends.

 Everything is negotiable and we will agree on your specific desired time when you call us for cleaning.


 Will you move the furniture to clean?

 We do not normally move heavy furniture to clean, however, light tables and chairs, etc., are the exception.


 What is the difference between Regular, Detailed and Move-in/out cleanings?

 A Regular or Light cleaning is anything that's visible & reachable that we dust, remove dirt, clean & sanitize.

 A Detailed or Deep cleaning is everything you get in a light cleaning package, 
 but more time and detail is 
devoted to scrubbing and cleaning of items. 
 Nothing is missed in either package. Customers have different needs and 
we try to  accommodate everyone.

 A Move-in or Move-out cleaning is where we clean areas that are unseen as well as out in the open.

 We make sure the interior of drawers, cabinets and appliances are thoroughly cleaned, 

 as well as scrubbing walls, trim and moldings.