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Our customers require various types of cleaning.

  Other than washing windows, cleaning out gutters or a good deep-cleaning job...

  We also offer three cleaning packages for you to choose from. 

  Click on the one that best suits your individual cleaning needs:

   Light Cleaning

 This is the most common cleaning requested.

 Usually a weekly routine cleaning keeps the dirt at bay.

 We highly recommend using our Detailed Cleaning service monthly.

   Detailed Cleaning

 This cleaning is some-what a Light Cleaning, but more intricate, with the wiping down of items
​ and concentrating on all the areas of a room.


 When you're just about to move into your new home and want it spic and span before settling in or

 you are packing up to move into a new area.... then call us and we will save you the time and trouble  and take the burden of cleaning from you​​

'Giving you the luxury of Time for yourself'